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About Malta

Malta is a small Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, yet only a few hours flight from all European cities. It has a long and colourful history and in a relatively small area, it offers a concentration of different styles and locations, which in the past has allowed it to double for places as varied as Paris, Rome, London, Athens, Beirut, Nicosia and many more.

Practically everybody speaks English and Italian and very often, French and German also. Due to the rich and varied culture the Maltese nationals physical appearance can range from swarthy to nordic. Malta offers a safe, politically stable environment with a vibrant entertainment and leisure industry. Diving, sailing, theatre, opera - the list is long and varied! The climate is warm and dry for the majority of the months of the year, while the light is of a very unique quality particular for filming.

And above all, the Malta Government, through the Malta Film Commission offers a very favourable TAX and VAT incentives that are tailor made to suit each film production. Details can be provided about these incentives once
more information of the particular production is given.

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